Anatomical Models

We would like baby dolls with hard heads with suture lines clearly shown, and accompanying models of the pelvis, pelvic floor muscles, uterus, placenta, and membranes. These are particularly useful for public hospitals where so much of the care is provided by medical students that are still being trained. Gynecologists have told us that these models would greatlyimprove training by demonstrating key concepts about positioning the baby, etc. Currently, medical interns often direct mothers to push even when the baby is not in an optimal position, causing harm to laboring women. Additionally,
models of breasts (including milk ducts, etc) would help with breastfeed classes.

These anatomical models are also useful for childbirth education in the hospitals and healthcare centers. They are crucial to enhancing the training of traditional midwives and improve their ability to respond to emergencies. They can also be used in education workshops in women´s
groups to encourage grassroots woman-to-woman education.

We also need a new Baby CPR Manikin. This is important for the hospital in La Ceiba to avoid malpractice in emergency situations, as much of the medical personnel are still developing their skills.

Educational Diagrams

Childbirth education classes would also be greatly improved by large-scale photos demonstrating gestation, the birth process, and optimal laboring positions. These would be distributed to hospitals,
healthcare centers, and traditional birth attendants. They would also be used in childbirth education classes to enhance woman-to-woman education. Along the same vein, materials with clear illustrations of emergency signs during pregnancy would also be useful, especially for women who cannot read or who speak only indigenous languages and not Spanish. These posters would make a great impact if posted in healthcare centers throughout Honduras, as well as used in workshops with women´s groups and childbirth education. Paper and writing utensils for attendees of childbirth education classes and seminars would help ensure that information is retained and more easily and accurately shared with others.

Materials for Breastfeeding Pillows

This fabric will be used to create breastfeeding pillows in the Maternity Waiting Homes (Hogares Maternos). These pillows will be created to encourage breastfeeding, provide activities for waiting mothers, and to teach vocational skills.

Medical Supplies for Hospitals, Rural Health
Centers and Traditional Midwives

Baby thermometers are needed for newborns in the hospitals, as they still use adult thermometers in the babies´ rectums.

Currently, episiotomies are performed with scissors that are either dull or not made for this purpose. 20 sets of high quality scissors are needed in the hospital of La Ceiba, and perhaps in the future such scissors would be good for other hospitals. Additionally, specialized, high quality scissors for cutting the umbilical cord are needed.

The hospital in Tela does not currently have the ability to provide any privacy for a woman who is giving birth in bed. They have requested a set or two of mobile curtains that they could use to shield a
woman from the other 11 or so beds.

Birth balls for some hospitals and childbirth education classes and improving labor positioning.

Traditional midwives could also use basic, high quality, sterile materials (scissors, gauze, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc.) for their work.

As many blood pressure cuffs, midwives and birth attendants in stethoscopes, gloves, and ´´pregnancy calculators´´ as possible are needed for traditional the countryside, especially for the area of La Mosquita.

Hanging scales and D Ring slings are needed for weighing newborns in the field, especially to improve midwives´ understanding and ability to monitor normal weight gain for infants, so they can know when to send babies to the hospital. This is also required for some health care centers in La Mosquita.

Belen in La Moskita also requires a scale, but the health care center there has no electricity so a mechanical scale is required. In the hospital of Palacios in La Moskitia, they are unable to perform cesarean sections and, should the need arise, they need to drive 5 miles to the nearest hospital with those capabilities.

The hospital in Palacios no longer has a functioning operating theater or an ultrasound machine. An ultrasound machine would be an ideal donation for the hospital there. Otherwise, women need to
travel 5 hours on unpaved roads. Both the trip and the ultrasound are also very expensive for women.

(In Belen, La Mosquita, Raista, Cocovilla, etc, the nurses have good relationships with the traditional midwives and there is much opportunity for cooperation. Dar La Luz would like to send a volunteer
midwife to these areas in order to help develop these working relationships.

Office Supplies

Notebooks and pens for workshops.

Additional Materials

Additionally, a set of Cervix Vaginal Dilation modules for assessing cervical dilation would be useful for public hospitals in Tegucigualpa, San Pedro Sula, and La Ceiba. These are not as urgent as the models of the pelvis, baby, uterus, pelvis muscles, and breast.

It would also be nice to have birth mirrors to encourage women during crowning.