Childbirth Education

by Cassandra West Fellow volunteer Zoe and myself have been running Dar a Luz birth education workshops for pregnant women in Santa Rosa. There were 30 women at the first workshop we did. In order to help break the ice and foster a warm atmosphere we started with a raffle where people won prizes of … Continue reading Childbirth Education

Rural Birth Work

by Griet Vandamme My name is Griet, a midwife from Belgium who spent 7 weeks working for Dar a Luz in Honduras. I contacted Silvia whilst volunteering in another project in Guatemala. Within a month everything was arranged and I stepped out of the bus in La Ceiba, my first stop. I am very grateful … Continue reading Rural Birth Work

Thanks to Jenna!

Jenna, thank you so much for all your wonderful support! Thousands thanks yo your community for all the wonderful donations you brought with you! Thanks to the lady, which donated a lot of gently used children shoes for unprotected children feet here in Honduras! Thanks for your judge fundraising action and for all the wonderful … Continue reading Thanks to Jenna!

Compassion and Respect

by Virginia Mccabe I have been working as a doula/ birth companion for the birthing mothers. My responsibilities are to comfort and support the women throughout their labor. The job is very rewarding! The women are not allowed to have family members in the labor ward so having someone to talk to, hold their hand … Continue reading Compassion and Respect

Thanks to Emily and Christianna!

Out of my heart a big thanks to you Christianna and Emliy! You came both at the same time! You did an amazing job!  It has been amazing to have you here! And I am looking forward to see you again! Thank you for supporting so many women in the hospital for participating in the … Continue reading Thanks to Emily and Christianna!

Another Thanks!

  Hi Ashleigh! It has been so amazing to have you here. Thanks so much for being a loving and caring doula in the hospital. I know you supported so many women and worked long shifts. Thanks especially for the amazing office work you did, and for contributing your excellent skills to our project! Thanks … Continue reading Another Thanks!

Lots of Babies

by Emily Housman Being in Honduras is a wonderful thing to do. There’s loads of fresh fruit, smiling la Ceiba faces, happy honking taxis, gorgeous islands and stunning mountains that look awesome when the clouds at the top light up with the golden light. There are also many people without much money, random power-cuts, plastic bags … Continue reading Lots of Babies

Krista’s First Month

by Krista Blakelock I am surprised that it has already been one month since I arrived in La Ceiba, Honduras. The time has gone by so fast and I am excited to continue working for Dar A Luz in Santa Rosa de Copan.  For the month of June I will work in a public hospital, … Continue reading Krista’s First Month

My time in Honduras

by Nancy Bettis In October 2013, I travelled to Honduras to volunteer as a birthing partner for the organisation Dar A Luz which is run by Sylvia Bahr. Whilst there I witnessed her devotion and the incredible support she gives to the women of La Ceiba (and other locations in Honduras). Sylvia selflessly dedicates her … Continue reading My time in Honduras

Wonderful Midwife Support

by Kristi Macaulay A warm thank you goes out to Rhonda Lee Grantham. Rhonda is an experienced midwife and doula in Olympia, Washington. (Wild Rose Midwifery). She is a homebirth and a hospital midwife. With a lot of international experience, she deeply understands the role of a doula and midwife in a country like Honduras. During … Continue reading Wonderful Midwife Support