Moskito Protection for Women and Newborn Babies

Last month we also have been able to put moskito protection on all the windows in the postpartum ward at the hospital Atlantida! Now all the women and their newborn babies will be protected from dangerous moskito bytes. A big thanks goes out to Christianna, which organized a donation to make this happen, and to … Continue reading Moskito Protection for Women and Newborn Babies

RCP Neonatal Workshop

by Emily Houseman Last month we have been able to provide a RCP neonatal presentation and workshop to some of the intern doctors at the hospital of La Ceiba. We were really grateful for this opportunity to get everyone up to date and practicing their skills. The interns got to work on the special "Neonathalie"baby, … Continue reading RCP Neonatal Workshop

Donated Fetoscopes

At the moment we have three regular rural midwife groups that we are working with. One aim, besides many others, is to improve prenatal care and teach our rural midwives to recognize problems. For this reason we gave them "heart beat counters", ..... . At the moment, the midwives try to detect the babies’ heartbeats … Continue reading Donated Fetoscopes

The Room Divider

In one of the pictures above you can see how women have to give birth in one of the puplic hospitals in their labor and delivery unit. The birth chairs you can see are called "burras" - donkeys. Women don’t have a protected, private space to give birth, and there are often three women in … Continue reading The Room Divider

Building Relationships

by Ashleigh Menzies  Yesterday we held our monthly mountain midwife meeting in Yarucca. Silvia invited two nurses Alma Castillo and Claudia Lozano from the public hospital in La Ceiba, which showed an interest to volunteer with the project. They led a class on measuring fundal height to assess fetal development and improve prenatal care. Among … Continue reading Building Relationships

Semana Mundial del Parto Respectado

For the International Week for Respected Childbirth, We were wearing  and distributing buttons to bring awareness that respectful care towards each woman during her labor and delivery is crucial to her mental and physical well-being.    

Childbirth Education

  by Ashleigh Menzies In the La Ceiba Community Health Center, last month we give quick lessons on anatomy, breathing techniques, and breast feeding while women waite for their prenatal checkups each morning.  It has been nice to run into some of these same women in labor and delivery and witness them using the techniques … Continue reading Childbirth Education

Thanks to Stephanie and Kristi!

  by Ashleigh Menzies Dar a Luz would like to say thank you to  Stephanie White from the United States and Kristi Macaulay  from Canada.  Both of these lovely doulas volunteered at the hostpial in La Ceiba supporting women in labor. Jennifer volunteered with  us from January to March, and while she was here, she … Continue reading Thanks to Stephanie and Kristi!

Got Shoes?

We want them!  Dar a Luz is collecting gently used shoes to build our shoe bank to help local children in need. Many children in disadvantaged areas are often without shoes which is very difficult, especially during the rainy season. We can arrange for you send the shoes to a volunteer in your area to … Continue reading Got Shoes?

Respectful and Gentle Birth

by Ashleigh Menzies This month Silvia began teaching a lecture regarding the protection of the perineum in addition to the respectful and gentle birth lecture she has been presenting to the interns.  These classes serve to demonstrate different techniques to hospital staff regarding both medical practices and patient interactions, and to remind the standards set … Continue reading Respectful and Gentle Birth