Got Shoes?

We want them!  Dar a Luz is collecting gently used shoes to build our shoe bank to help local children in need. Many children in disadvantaged areas are often without shoes which is very difficult, especially during the rainy season. We can arrange for you send the shoes to a volunteer in your area to help save on shipping costs. If you are interested in donating shoes, please contact us.

Respectful and Gentle Birth

by Ashleigh Menzies

This month Silvia began teaching a lecture regarding the protection of the perineum in addition to the respectful and gentle birth lecture she has been presenting to the interns.  These classes serve to demonstrate different techniques to hospital staff regarding both medical practices and patient interactions, and to remind the standards set in the Honduran guidelines for labour and delivery (Las normas nacionales para attention materno-neonatal).

Gracias a Christine, Jennifer and Aaron!


Dar a Luz would like to extend a thank you to one of our recent volunteers, Christina Loeffler. Christina is our first doula from Germany and a mother of three.  Christina works a very demanding job, but still recognizes the importance of compassionate support for laboring mothers. Because of this passion, she was able to secure a month of vacation from her job and worked tirelessly in our hospital in La Ceiba, as well as traveling with other volunteers to hang curtains at the hospital in Tela.

Thank you for all your hard work Christina!

Another special thanks goes to Jennifer O’Conner and her husband Aaron.  Jennifer and Aaron helped Silvia for two weeks during the month of April while traveling throughout Central America.  Jennifer brought her skills as an experienced doula to help the mothers at the hospital in La Ceiba and Aaron joined us to help hang curtains in the hospital in Tela.  Jennifer and Aaron also held a small fundraiser via the internet while volunteering here and donated the proceeds, which helped purchase supplies for our project.

Many thanks to Jennifer and Aaron!

Thanks To Alifera Globetrotter!

by Ashleigh Menzies

This month Silvia collaborated with Alifera Globertrotter for the third time.  After spending their first week in a rural hospital in the mountains, an awesome group of 11 nurses joined us in La Ceiba. While in the Hospital Atlantida, Silvia gave a brief presentation about the advantages of placing the IVs of laboring mothers in their lower arm instead of in their wrist.  Having the IV in their wrist is very painful for many women and often the IVs don’t work properly in this position.  By placing the IV in their lower arm, the IVs function better, women are in less pain, and have more mobility during their labor. After Silvia discussed the theory, the members of Alifera Globertrotter worked alongside the nurses to practice the placement.


We are so appreciative to the members of Alifera Globertrotter for collaborating with Dar a Luz during their week in La Ceiba!To find out more about this great organization, click here

A huge THANK YOU to GynZone!

by Ashleigh Menzies

Dar a Luz would to extend a huge thank you to GynZone for their donation of educational materials to our organization!  GynZone is a company based in Denmark that produces learning modules regarding the diagnosis and repair of perineal lacerations after birth.  GynZone is lead by a team that includes gynecologists, a midwife, and a physiotherapist who have used their wealth of knowledge to create these materials.  We have started implementing lectures on the protection of the perineum, as there is a high occurrence of perineal lacerations in public hospitals, such as this case .  Thanks to the generosity of GynZone, we hope to be able to better educate the interns in the public hospitals about the correct way to repair these serious injuries.  To learn more about this .

Installing and donating Curtains for more privacy, Hospital Tela

Installing curtain rails and donating curtains to the birth ward of the public hospital of Tela. With Christine, Jennifer, Aaron and Alberto- an amazing volunteer group. While there Christinne and Jennifer has been able to support a women, Maria Elena, in labor and get her to use the birth ball, which aswell has been donated by Dar a Luz to the unit.

It looks so beautiful now, and women get more privacy!


 by Kristi Macaulay

San Ignacio is a 3 hour drive from the closest hospital and for those who live in the surrounding towns the distance can be upwards of six hours.  In 2012 Amanda Rizik, a former volunteer with Dar a Luz, visited the remote area of San Ignacio to explore for the first time the struggles, and the wisdom, of the local midwives. Traditional midwifes in Honduras, unlike other parts of the world, do not receive any formal training. Although they possess wisdom at working with their intuition, midwives in remotes areas like San Ignacio often lack the skill and knowledge to work with an emergency situation.

In January 2014 it seemed like the right time to finally address these issues. Silvia started to organize a seminar to provide the midwives in San Ignacio with essential  training. Together with Rhonda Lee Grantham, a midwife with extensive international experience, they created a 5 day workshop. They would soon facilitate training with the full support of San Ignacio, which opened the Town Hall to hold the event.  With the attendance of the regional head nurse, Belleza Andinio, the seminar began.  Other participants included the local doctor, nurses and community workers.

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Midwife Support. Thanks to Rhonda Lee Grantham!


Rhonda teaching in San Ignacio

by Kristi Macaulay

A warm thank you goes out to Rhonda Lee Grantham.
Rhonda is an experienced homebirth and hospital midwife and doula in Olympia, Washington. (Wild Rose Midwifery).

Having a lot of international experience, she deeply understands the role of a doula and midwife in a country like Honduras.

During her stay in Honduras, Rhonda volunteered as a Doula in 3 different hospitals throughout the country. Her midwife skills were put to use in San Ignacio during a 5 day doula and midwife training seminar, where together with Silvia, Rhonda prepared the curriculim. This was the first ever intense training seminar facilitated by Dar a Luz. Rhonda also hold a one day midwife seminar in the mountains of La Ceiba. Her talents also extended into the office, where she was a great help with administration and public relations for Dar a Luz.

Rhonda is an open minded midwife. Her empathy, compassion and intuition was invaluable.