Compassionate Maternity Care

by Amy Nguyen  Being able to work as a doula with Dar a Luz Honduras has been an incredibly rewarding and eye-opening experience. I have been working at one of the hospitals for the past three days and already have seen how modeling compassionate and respectful care has had a large impact on the maternity … Continue reading Compassionate Maternity Care

Hospital Atlantida Gets a Peanut Ball

by Angela Chromik Dar a Luz recently introduced a Peanut Ball to the staff and birthing mothers at the Atlantida Hospital in La Ceiba. Nicknamed the “cacahuete” (which is peanut in spanish), the common birth tool brought curiosity and smiles to the staff. The peanut ball is especially helpful within the hospital at La Ceiba. The … Continue reading Hospital Atlantida Gets a Peanut Ball

Gifts for Mothers and Nurses

In December 2014 we were able to deliver gifts of baby clothes to women in the maternity wards of the hospitals in Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, and Santa Rosa de Copan. It was especially nice this year to have gifts for the nurses as well!

Doula Workshop for Nurses

by Zoe Paterson Just before Christmas this year we organized a doula workshop for nurses of the maternity ward of San Felipe Hospital in the capital, Tegucigalpa. This doula workshop was specifically designed by Dar a Luz for nurses working in Honduran hospitals. A huge thank you to our wonderful friend Anna who taught the … Continue reading Doula Workshop for Nurses

Delivering Shoes

by Suzanne Elkind  12/27/14 Today we took the ninety pairs of shoes I collected from the Cambridge Montessori School to different Honduran children.   The first kids were a single mother and her four kids.  The mother has a mental disability and is unable to work.  The neighbors say she is crazy but Catalina, the household helper … Continue reading Delivering Shoes

La Moskitia- Rural Birth Work

by Griet Vandamme My name is Griet, a midwife from Belgium who spent 7 weeks working for Dar a Luz in Honduras. I contacted Silvia whilst volunteering in another project in Guatemala. Within a month everything was arranged and I stepped out of the bus in La Ceiba, my first stop. I am very grateful … Continue reading La Moskitia- Rural Birth Work

Activities of the last three months

The last three months has been full of activities. Besides the continuing doula/labor support provided by us to the women in public hospitals, there has been seminars  and workshops. We could reach to drop down the episiotomy rate in one of the hospitals from 80% to almost 20%, and we could almost stop, in collaboration … Continue reading Activities of the last three months

Our One to One Midiwife Training in the Mountains

The rainy season is coming soon. In the mountains close to la Ceiba, there are a lot of small communities, which often will be cut off from the next hospital during the rainy season, as the rivers can raise so high and, as there is no bridge, there is no way to cross it.     … Continue reading Our One to One Midiwife Training in the Mountains