Rural Birth Work

by Griet Vandamme My name is Griet, a midwife from Belgium who spent 7 weeks working for Dar a Luz in Honduras. I contacted Silvia whilst volunteering in another project in Guatemala. Within a month everything was arranged and I stepped out of the bus in La Ceiba, my first stop. I am very grateful … Continue reading Rural Birth Work

Thanks to Emily and Christianna!

Out of my heart a big thanks to you Christianna and Emliy! You came both at the same time! You did an amazing job!  It has been amazing to have you here! And I am looking forward to see you again! Thank you for supporting so many women in the hospital for participating in the … Continue reading Thanks to Emily and Christianna!

Donations from Canada and Thank you Carmen!

by Kristi Macaulay Dar a Luz would like to extend a big thank you to Carmen Wiebe. During her stay in Honduras, Carmen volunteered in two different hospitals supporting women in labour and delivery.  She also kindly helped with public relations and administration. Her assistance also extend prior to her stay in Honduras with the … Continue reading Donations from Canada and Thank you Carmen!

Some of my Experience

by Kate Furbush I got to La Ceiba about a month ago, and I can’t believe how much I have learned since then. I came into this program as a nursing student without ever having seen a birth, only with an interest in women’s health and the desire to learn more. My first day in … Continue reading Some of my Experience

My time in Copan

by Alanah Roy I arrived in Honduras in January, spending my first month based out of Copan Ruinas. There I lived with a wonderful family while trying to balance my work with the Spanish classes Silvia organized for me. Every day I would take a collectivo to the Materno-Infantil Clinica in nearby El Jaral for … Continue reading My time in Copan

Many Thanks!

by Nouf Bazaz Silvia would like to thank Jenni Steinke, who returned to volunteer with Dar a Luz for a second time. Jenni is a labor and delivery nurse from the United States with considerable experience working in a hospital that specialized in high-risk pregnancies. Jenni spent two and a half months with Dar a … Continue reading Many Thanks!

Valle de Copan

by Emma Dorsey This past week, we went to El Valle de Copan, where we visited four clinics in total. Thanks to a generous grant from the Muellers in Germany, we were able to bring education materials to each clinic, as well as to the ‘’hogares materno’’ or  ‘’mothers’ waiting centers.’’ For me,stepping out of La Ceiba was … Continue reading Valle de Copan

Thanks to Carmen!

by Emma Dorsey What a stroke of luck that Carmen Barcelona showed up at my door (or more accurately, Doña Dunia’s door)!  More than luck, it feels like fate.  Within a few minutes of her arrival, we realized that we live hardly a 20 minutes train ride from one another.  Not only that, I found … Continue reading Thanks to Carmen!