Krista’s First Month

by Krista Blakelock I am surprised that it has already been one month since I arrived in La Ceiba, Honduras. The time has gone by so fast and I am excited to continue working for Dar A Luz in Santa Rosa de Copan.  For the month of June I will work in a public hospital, … Continue reading Krista’s First Month

My time in Honduras

by Nancy Bettis In October 2013, I travelled to Honduras to volunteer as a birthing partner for the organisation Dar A Luz which is run by Sylvia Bahr. Whilst there I witnessed her devotion and the incredible support she gives to the women of La Ceiba (and other locations in Honduras). Sylvia selflessly dedicates her … Continue reading My time in Honduras

Wonderful Midwife Support

by Kristi Macaulay A warm thank you goes out to Rhonda Lee Grantham. Rhonda is an experienced midwife and doula in Olympia, Washington. (Wild Rose Midwifery). She is a homebirth and a hospital midwife. With a lot of international experience, she deeply understands the role of a doula and midwife in a country like Honduras. During … Continue reading Wonderful Midwife Support

Donations from Canada and Thank you Carmen!

by Kristi Macaulay Dar a Luz would like to extend a big thank you to Carmen Wiebe. During her stay in Honduras, Carmen volunteered in two different hospitals supporting women in labour and delivery.  She also kindly helped with public relations and administration. Her assistance also extend prior to her stay in Honduras with the … Continue reading Donations from Canada and Thank you Carmen!

The project in Roatan, Experience

by Lori Berkermer I am a Nurse Practitioner, Childbirth Educator and Doula from the US. I recently had an incredible opportunity, thanks to Dar a Luz Honduras, to spend 10 days volunteering as a doula in the public hospital on Roatan in the beautiful Bay Islands in Honduras. I supported 10 women during their labor and delivery … Continue reading The project in Roatan, Experience

Some of my Experience

by Kate Furbush I got to La Ceiba about a month ago, and I can’t believe how much I have learned since then. I came into this program as a nursing student without ever having seen a birth, only with an interest in women’s health and the desire to learn more. My first day in … Continue reading Some of my Experience

Tinas Experience in German

Ich freue mich die Erfahrung in Honduras mit Dar a Luz gemacht zu haben und würde gerne auch alle, die Interesse haben daran teilhaben lassen. Ich bin 22 Jahre alt und im 3. Semester der Gesundheits- und Kinderkrankenpflege- Ausbildung in Deutschland. Von meiner Ausbildungsstätte bekam ich die Erlaubnis ein Auslandspraktikum zu machen. Voller Begeisterung machte … Continue reading Tinas Experience in German

Thanks to Alanah!

Dar a Luz would like to thank Alanah Roy, Doula and Apprentice Midwife from New York City, for her work in Honduras. Alanah worked for three months serving Honduran women and supporting them throughout their labor. For the first month she was in a small clinic in Copan (with an average of 4 births a … Continue reading Thanks to Alanah!

My time in Copan

by Alanah Roy I arrived in Honduras in January, spending my first month based out of Copan Ruinas. There I lived with a wonderful family while trying to balance my work with the Spanish classes Silvia organized for me. Every day I would take a collectivo to the Materno-Infantil Clinica in nearby El Jaral for … Continue reading My time in Copan

First Day Birth Ball Used at La Ceiba Hospital

by Nouf Bazaz Yesterday, February 29th (on the day of a leap year!), Hospital Atlantida in La Ceiba closed out the month with the first day that the birth ball was used by a pregnant woman in the maternity unit! Typically in Hospital Atlantida, a woman is confined to her bed without pillows, lying on … Continue reading First Day Birth Ball Used at La Ceiba Hospital