Thank you Trina!

Midwife Donna Mitchell and Nurse Doula Trina PaStarr

Midwife Donna Mitchell and Nurse Doula Trina PaStarr, Midwife Workshop in Yarucca

January 2012

Many thanks to Trina PaStarr, nurse, doula and aspiring midwife, for generously giving her time to Dar a Luz for the past three weeks. Trina did a wonderful job supporting laboring moms in La Ceiba’s Public Hospital, as well as helping Dar a Luz with office work. Trina also donated 5 birth balls and 2 pumps to Dar a Luz, one of which has already been donated to La Ceiba Hospital Atlantida. Thanks again, Trina!

Thanks to Mandy Harsherger!

Mandy Harshberger
Mandy Harshberger

July 2011

It was a honor to have Mandy Harshberger here from Clear Road Birth in Nebraska.  She is a mother to three kids and a wonderful doula on her way to becoming a midwife.  Mandy had been planning her trip for a long time, and spent months waiting for her life circumstances to open up.  Finally, the right window appeared, and I am so thankful to her for coming.  She did an incredible job while here, and I am sure she was a true blessing for all the moms she helped.  Here are a couple excerpts from emails that Mandy wrote to me while here: Continue reading

Thanks to Leila!

Leila and the former head nurse of the maternity ward of the Tela Hospital

with the help of Emma Dorsey

It was amazing to have Leila Counihan here in La Ceiba.

I am so grateful that you could contribute your energy to the seminar in the Hospital in Tela and through the birthing process for so many women.  Thank you also for your considerate donation of massage oils and essential oils to Dar a Luz Honduras! They will soothe many a woman in labor.

I wish you all the best in your studies in public health.  I know that your big heart will continue to make a big difference in the lives it touches.  It was really an honor to have you here!

Thanks to Gail and Wade Ward!

with the help of Emma Dorsey

Gail and Wade Ward from Columbus, Mississippi came to La Ceiba for the first week in July. Gail, an English as a Second Language teacher for kindergarten through 12th grade and a doula, wanted to spend a week in the hospital serving laboring women. I was not in La Ceiba during the week when they would be here, so Erin Pettengill, a licensed nurse and professor from the US helped orient her at the hospital. Gail, you did such a spectacular job, but don´t take my word for it. One of the nurses told me, “Muy bien trabajo, muy linda la señora,” or, ¨very good work, a very nice person.¨ Here is part of the email that Gail sent to me about her time in the hospital: On Monday, Erin picked me up near Hotel Catracho (and thanks for your recommendation of staying there….its central location worked perfectly for walking around in the centro, finding banks, restaurants, etc.) and got me into the hospital. She left and I stayed 12 hours that day, Continue reading