Our work

Dar a Luz Honduras works to improve the health and quality of life of women and their families  through health educational programs and hands on support.

Improving the health and quality of life for women and their families in Honduras:

  • Campaign for Respectful Maternity Care and Human Rights during Childbirth
  • Support the implementation of Humanized Birth Practices
  • We have a program to reinforce clinical skills
  • We hold seminars and trainings for healthcare providers
  • We work to increase awareness about Obstetric Violence, and the circle of Violence
  • We work  for Respectful Maternity Care and Human Rights in Childbirth
  • We advocate for compassion for birthing women
  • We offer women childbirth education and doula support during childbirth
  • We provide educational workshops for women, families and teenagers
  • We collaborate with traditional midwives
  • We have a life saving skills training program
  • We organize donations of needed materials
  • We implemented the concept of doula to public hospitals and into the Honduran Health Care System
  • We have a doula program
  • We host doula training
  • We contribute to improving birth outcomes
  • We contribute to reduce maternal and newborn mortality rates

One of our main missions is to create conscience about Humnized Birth and to advocate for Human Rights during and around childbirth.

The experience of childbirth affects the life of a woman, her self-esteem and her immediate bonding with the newborn. If the women experience support and love during the birth process, the relationships within families will improve and women will become more empowered. It is something that seems so simple, but the effects can last a lifetime and be passed down for generations.
Sylvia Bahr

Midwife collaboration

Many traditional midwives still exist in Honduras. In spite of being relatively dis-empowered, they offer wonderful, compassionate and intuitive care, often in rural locations where the nearest hospital is many hours away. Midwives in Honduras learn through hands on practice and from others. They receive no formal training or recognition. Many lack practical skills needed … Continue reading Midwife collaboration

Childbirth Education

Sexual and childbirth education are nearly nonexistent in many settings throughout the country. Often pregnant women lack a basic understanding of their own sexual anatomy as well as specific information about labor and birth. At many of the hospitals there is a very high percentage of adolescent mothers, who typically have limited education and very … Continue reading Childbirth Education

Seminars and trainings for maternity care providers

Dar a Luz has developed several lectures, seminars and workshops in coordination with local institutions for hospitals, universities and nursing schools in Honduras. Various topics covered include eliminating the use of fundal pressure, avoiding episiotomy,  the protection of the perineum, and compassionate care. Therefore we have developed a strategy for getting the best long-term outcomes. Our … Continue reading Seminars and trainings for maternity care providers


In the public hospitals, women are typically moved into the labor and delivery area when they are 4 centimeters dilated, their water has broken, or there is a complication. Before this, women wait outside of the labor and delivery ward in waiting areas, sometimes for very long periods of time. Many women in these rooms … Continue reading INFORMATIVE WAITING AREAS