Press coverage of our national conference on respectful birth, 23rd September 2016

Below are some of the newspaper articles from the National Press following our successful conference!




National conference on respectful maternity care

On the 23rd September 2016, over 200 doctors, nurses, medical students and other hospital professionals gathered in the auditorium of the National Medical School. Experts spoke about the importance of ‘Parto Respetado’ – respectful birth, and ways in which this can be implemented clinically. Generously supported by the German Embassy and the medical board of Honduras, this was a special day for Silvia and Dar A Luz Honduras, and the culmination of months of hard work. Afterwards the National press were keen to hear from Silvia and other experts and everyone enjoyed delicious handmade cupcakes made especially for the occasion by Gicel Montoya. It was a highly successful conference as the photos show!

Conference on Respectful Maternity Care


On 23rd September we are hosting our largest and most important conference yet! It will focus on HUMAN RIGHTS DURING CHILDBIRTH and RESPECTFUL MATERNITY CARE with an aim to end harmful practices.

It will be held in collaboration with the National Medical School and the largest teaching hospital in Honduras. 200 people will attend including people in key positions, care providers and doctors.

This is a very special opportunity to create change on a national level improving maternal healthcare across Honduras. However, it requires a great deal of resources! Therefore we would be so grateful for any support that you feel able to give us!

Below is our fundraising link and we will keep you posted in the run up to this exciting and vital event!

Working with labour and delivery nurses in Gracias, Western Honduras

We finished our time in Gracias promoting respectful maternity care by running a practical session with the labour and delivery nurses. Silvia demonstrated simple techniques that could be used despite the nurses being incredibly busy! We also donated two birthing balls and a peanut ball. Leah, one of our volunteers, will stay in Gracias for another week to continue our work, implement new techniques and train the nurses- we will miss her! We also discussed bringing a vertical birth chair to this hospital. Our main focus at the moment is to stop Kristeller maneuver during birth, reduce the high episiotomy rate and to stop the manual removal of blood clots after birth.

Gracias day 2 image 1.JPG



Dar a Luz, Honduras is seeking volunteer midwives for the months September-December 2016. Dar a Luz has been working tirelessly over the years to improve maternal health care in Honduras. We have developed collaborative working relationships with the hospitals and now with the support of the Medical Board of Honduras have the opportunity to implement more mother and birth friendly techniques and advocate for human rights during childbirth throughout the country. We need yoursupport now, to make the most of this opportunity. We also need midwives to teach and work with traditional midwives in the countryside.

To be flexible, to have cultural sensitivity, to be open minded, respectful and compassionated is very important for this work. You do not need to speak Spanish in order to volunteer. Minimum stay: at least 10 days. You are responsible for the purchase of your airline ticket, and for a very low volunteer fee (which also cover the costs for accommodation while you are here).

Please contact us for more information. We welcome your support to change birth in Honduras, where change is so much needed, your support to stop fundus pressure (Kristeller), unnecessary episiotomies and manual remove from the blood clots after birth! Thank you for your consideration! If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions please contact us at