Maternal health volunteers are needed in both urban and rural areas of Honduras. This work may include supporting women laboring in public hospitals, offering education to medical students and medical staff in hospitals and universities, giving childbirth and general education to women in hogares maternos, womens groups, health care centers and regional hospitals, or collaborating with health care centers and traditional midwives in rural areas.

Labor support in the public hospital setting includes emotional, physical and informational support during and after the birthing process. Family members are not allowed in the labor and delivery rooms, so the need for emotional support is great. Additionally, most women receive no sexual education in school and receive almost no childbirth education outside of the materials distributed by Dar a Luz. Many laboring women are adolescents between the ages of 13-18 years old, a fact which brings its own social and sometimes physiological challenges. In addition to labor support and childbirth education, you will be setting a positive example for others for through your respect and consideration for women.

At the following link, you will find stories from and about previous Dar la Luz volunteers https://darlaluzhondurasvolunteers.wordpress.com/

The initial fee is $US 300, which covers one week of program costs, each additional week is $US 200.
After a month the fee is $US 150 each week.

This covers:


• Personal support throughout scheduling and preparation process
• Program materials, including orientation documents

In Country:

• Accomodation with kitchen use

• Transportation from the bus station to your accomodation

• Orientation and preparation for your work

• Cultural sensitivity preparation

• Providing the volunteer with a local cell phone for work and private use during the time of their stay

• 24/7 emergency support

• Certificate of Completion, if requested, upon completion of service

What if I’m worried about my Spanish proficiency?

Different volunteer positions require different levels of Spanish language proficiency. Work in the hospital can be undertaken even by those with minimal or no Spanish; the main requirement for this work is that you come with an open heart. Other work, such as collaboration with traditional midwives or workshops in hospitals, require and advanced level of Spanish.

Please note that we are also able to arrange Spanish lessons during your time in Honduras.