Dar a Luz  works in different areas to improve pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care in Honduras. From work with traditional midwives, to rural health care centers, to women’s workshops, to support women during childbirth, the materials in our wish list can benefit a great number of women in truly significant ways.

We highly appreciate any donations of the following items. If you would like to support our work monetarily, you can visit our donation page: Donate now

For the Laboring women

  • Exercise/Birth balls
  • Peanut balls
  • Squeeze/(Stress) balls
  • Sets of baby clothes; hat, socks, onesie, blanket
  • Large, warm socks for laboring women

Anatomical Models 

  • Newborn dolls with hard heads with fontanel (very much needed)
  • Models of the pelvis (very much needed)
  • Baby CPR mannequins (very much needed)
  • Model of pelvic floor muscles
  • Uterus models
  • Placenta models (with membranes)


  • Blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, fetoscopes, pinards, gloves, pregnancy wheels, scissors
  • Hanging scales

Educational Diagrams

  • Large-scale photos demonstrating gestation, the birth process, and optimal laboring positions
  • Materials with clear illustrations of emergency signs during pregnancy
  • Large-scale diagrams demonstrating the Leopold Maneuver

Hospital/Health Care Center Supplies

  • Baby thermometers
  • Blood pressure cuffs

Office Supplies/ Workshop Supplies

  • Notebooks, folders and pens
  • Doula, midwife, childbirth, pregnancy reference books in any language


  • Books for a lending library
  • Mobile curtains