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  1. Hi, I’m a doula based in Melbourne, Australia. For part of October and/or November 2015, I’m hoping to volunteer as a doula in Latin America. I speak Spanish quite well (I lived in Spain for three years). What is the minimum length of time that I could volunteer with your program? Also, I’ll be travelling with my husband and kids (ages 13 and 15 in 2015). My husband speaks Spanish as well and could perhaps help with organisational and administrative tasks, or teach English if there’s a need. We would also want to arrange Spanish lessons for our kids. I would love to discuss possibilities with you. Perhaps directly via email would be easier? Many thanks and congratulations on your excellent work!


    1. Hello Laura,

      thank you for finding Dar a Luz Honduras and for writing me, Thank you so much for willing to support women and their families during and around childbirth in Honduras.

      You would be very welcome here!

      Doula support is very, very much needed here in Honduras, a lot of the hospitals see about 20 birth a day.
      You will may observe a lot of malpractice. We try to work also to improve this part of birth, but it takes time, as you are dealing with a whole system, trying to change some puzzle pieces. But on the way to reach very much needed changes, you can be a life changing blessing for every women you are with!

      If you could send me your email address, so I can send you more information and an application document.

      The time you think to come would work perfect.

      We have a wonderful Spanish teacher in La Ceiba, she offers the lesson per hour for only $2.50, normally the hour costs $7.50. By this way she likes to support our volunteers and our work. Lessons for your kids could be easliy arranged.
      In Snta Rosa, we have a Spansih teacher, he charges $US 5 per hour. Also with him we could find an arrangement.

      Where would you want to stay? Hotel, Host family, low cost?

      In Santa Rosa, we could find easily a project for your husband aswell, regarding for teaching English. And may around La Ceiba aswell.

      Thanks again for your interest!
      Thank you for your congratulations!

      With my best wishes,



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