Dar a Luz Honduras is a non-governmental development organization with legal status, recognized by the Department for Interior, Justice and Decentralization of Honduras.
Dar a Luz  work is community based and has many local and international supporter.


Dar a Luz Honduras has been founded by Sylvia Bahr.

In March 2019 Sylvia received the HRiC Champions Award by the organization Human Rights in Childbirth in recognition of her twelve years of work in Honduras to improve conditions for  women and their families in Honduras.

“The experience of childbirth affects the life of a woman, her self-esteem and her immediate bonding with the newborn. If the women experience support and love during the birth process, the relationships within families will improve and women will become more empowered. It is something that seems so simple, but the effects can last a lifetime and be passed down for generations.”  Sylvia Bahr

Doña Ambrosia and Sylvia

Activities and Projects

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“One of the greatest gifts about learning another language is that it provides key insights and perspective into one’s culture. For example, dar a luz, (literal translation ‘to give light’) is the expression used in Spanish when referring to a woman giving birth. What an exemplary phrase to describe one of the most precious moments in a woman’s life!”

-Anna Blankenberg


The Story of Dar a Luz

In 2007, life brought Sylvia Bahr to the labor ward of the public hospital in La Ceiba. She was dismayed and deeply touched by the conditions and started to support the women in every way she could. She worked long-term shifts, days, nights and weekends in the hospital and supported around 7000 of women volunteering her time since then. She started developing childbirth education materials and programs specific to the culture and the birth environment in the hospitals of Honduras.

Later, she traveled throughout Honduras to explore other hospitals and regions and to distribute the developed educational materials. She created midwife groups in the countryside and established relationships with hospitals and maternity care providers throughout the country. She created seminars and trainings to improve obstetric skills, to create conscious about basic human rights as well as to advocate for humanized conditions.   Also she introduced the concept of ¨doula¨ into the Honduran hospitals and education system.

At the moment her work consists in create and implementing programs and strategies to improve maternal health care and to create more conscious about birth, meetings with key position holders, introducing childbirth education into the health care system,  collaboration  with universities and in holding lectures and trainings for example to healthcare providers,  medical and nurse students.

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Back in 2009, Sylvia founded a non-profit association in Germany to support her efforts in Honduras. In 2010, she began the search for volunteers to assist her work, which is known in Honduras as Dar a Luz Honduras.

Through to Dar a Luz Honduras, thousands of women in Honduras have received empathic care during birth, and many are provided with basic childbirth education – a service that were formerly non-existent. Also many healthcare providers received seminars and hands on trainings to improve quality care and obstetric skills.

In 2018 , after a long bureaucratic process,  Dar a Luz Honduras has become a government recognized non-profit organization.

Deep out of my heart thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who came to Honduras or who are helping from their home countries to support this work! A special thanks to all our local supporters. And thanks to all the wonderful people who are there with moral support and to all the ones who support with donations, so more and more transformation can happen.

Sincerely ,

Sylvia Bahr