November 18 2016


Dar a Luz hosted an In-service, in collaboration with the Department of Gynecologists and the main national medical school, for over 250 5th & 6th year students and intern doctors. Silvia opened the day with a presentation focused on respectful maternal care and human rights during childbirth. The presentation was based on the recommendations that come from the World Health Organization for human rights in labour and delivery. Her message was reinforced with many exercises the students and interns took part in. These exercises aimed to bring awareness and conscientiousness to how a woman in labour is impacted by factors such as a lack of communication and advice between staff and patient, lack of consolation or empathy, and positions for women that are uncomfortable and in-conducive to labour.

Silvia was followed by presentations from guest speakers Dr. Rodriguez (PED), Dr. Ochoa (GNBO), Dr. Arita (GNBO) and Rachel, the head nurse from GNBO. Presentations included the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby, obstetric violence, and outdated and harmful practices during labour. Harmful practices that were discouraged were Kristeller Maneuver (fundal pressure during 2nd stage of labour), manual dilation of the cervix, episiotomies, and manual removal of blood clots post birth. At one point, Dr. Valle who is Vice Dean of the medical school asked the students to stand and take an oath. Together with Dr. Valle the students swore to practice respectful maternal care with their best conscience and awareness of the patient. The moment was very moving and we thank you Dr. Valle for asking this of the future doctors.  Dr. Arita concluded the informative In-service by reinforcing how important it is for the medical community to practice respectful maternity care and allow humanized birth.

It was a very busy morning and Dar a Luz would like to thank everyone involved with this momentous morning, especially our guest speakers who took time out of their busy day to inspire our participants. Your time and knowledge is greatly appreciated! This was the 3rd event held in the medical school as part of our El Parto Respetado y Humanizado campaign .

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