November 4 2016

On November 4th a small intimate group of nursing instructors participated in a seminar as part of our El Parto Respetado y Parto Humanizado campaign. It was a great morning with lots of discussion. It was wonderful to hear these woman open up about their experiences working in the hospitals here.  Silvia also demonstrated the many uses of a birthing ball in labour and many positions women can try in the vertical position to alleviate discomfort during labour. As always Dar a Luz provided some delicious snacks for everyone.

Thank you to the Medical School for providing lunch and for all those who came out and participated!

The nursing instructors, head- nurse of the maternity ward of one of the public hospitals, with Silvia and Amy (a volunteer Doula from Canada) saying Yes to respectful maternity care and human rights during childbirth!



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