Preparation Class for Labor & Birth


by Susan Krakoff-

Honduras has a high rate of teenage pregnancy, so earlier this week Dar a Luz taught a Preparation for Labor and Birth class at a high school close to Tegucigalpa. This is a new class at this particular school for the group of teenage women that will be offered more regularly in the months to come. In the future we will add a component to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy.

Silvia taught this interactive class with a mixture of discussion, educational videos, photos, anatomical models, and exercises. Some of the topics included were birth anatomy, labor signs, cervical dilation, breathing and relaxation techniques, and what to expect from the onset of labor through the postpartum period.

Some of the women present had given birth before, so they shared parts of their birth stories with the group. Everyone got up and moving when we practiced relaxation techniques as well as deep breathing for labor to help ease discomfort from contractions. One of the aims of teaching this class is to help the young women gather more knowledge and confidence about labor and birth for themselves, but also to pass on to other pregnant women in the community.


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