Midwives in the Countryside

by Susan Krakoff


This week I spent two days in a mountain village of Honduras doing a small research project on local herbs with a local Dar a Luz midwifery group. I was able to spend time with three of the four of them as well as a nurse from the Centro de Salud. They were gracious to share their practices with me. It was very interesting to hear about special techniques and then be able to tell them about some of the comfort techniques I practice as a Doula. What a great exchange!

Typically, after the women go to the Centro de Salud, a midwife will do a monthly home visit to check the mother’s health and the baby’s position and heartbeat.

I loved hearing about the different ways the midwives safely assist the mothers to pass the placenta if they are having trouble, like uterine massage, but they shared some techniques that I had never heard of before. Some things the midwives told me had been passed down from generation to generation.

On the second day, one of the midwives invited me to attend two home visits with pregnant women she was working with. (One was expecting twins!) It was lovely to see how everyone in the village knew her and warmly greeted her. The home visits started after she chatted with the families for a while, and I could clearly see how deeply rooted community is here.

It was such a beautiful two days with these midwives, one of the nurses from the Centro de Salud, and my local host family. I’d love to return again one day with Dar a Luz Honduras!


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