Wonderful Progress

by Mandy Wüscher

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For 3 days I have been to Yaruca, a small Village close to La Ceiba, to teach to one of the student midwife groups of our project there. Carolina, a Doula from Columbia, went with me. She supported me with translation.

At first we repeated some topics, Silvia and other midwives had taught them before, like the Leopold maneuvers and taking the blood pressure. But we also talked about new things, like preeclampsia and dehydration of the newborn.

One day we went to see a pregnant women at her home to do a prenatal control. The students did a great job and it is wonderful to see how much they already learned! It was really fun to be with them and I also learned from them.

Doña Arcadia, Doña Inez and Doña Maria Elena with Carolina and Mandy

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