Ring-Sling Scales and Flashlights for the Mountain Midwives

We visited the mountain village of Yarrucca to give a pre-natal workshop at the medical clinic there. It was well-attended by mothers-to-be and we were happy to meet with our four student midwives who have made a lot of progress over the past year and have been able to support pregnant and birthing women in their communities.

It is important to have trained birth attendants who can provide good pre-natal care and are able to recognize potential problems in pregnancy. In this region it is especially important because of the large distance that must be travelled to get to the hospital and the fact that in the rainy season, the river can overflow and the entire region can be cut off.

After the workshop, it was fun visiting with all the women and babies and each mama received some baby clothes for their new arrivals.

Each student midwife was given a ring-sling scale for weighing newborns. Often there is no eltricity where the midwives are called to support a birth, so they have to work in the dark. For this reason each midwiwife received a rechargable flash-light, which has been donated through Erin MacAulay thaty have been asking for.to support women to giand flashlights, which has been donated through Erin MacAulay by. It was a very successful morning!

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