One mother and one baby at a time

by Mary Evans

I have been spending the past two weeks working as a doula at the public hospital in La Ceiba.

The day after I arrived in Honduras, Silvia did a training session with me, gave me a tour of the hospital and then I got to work!

Each day I supported mamas in the active phase of labour, through the birthing and early postpartum period and helped breastfeeding get off to a good start.

I am struck by how strong and brave these mamas are, laboring on their own with no pain medication, welcoming any suggestions of things to try in order to make their labors shorter and more comfortable and also by their immense love for their babies. It was a special pleasure to be able to give cuddles to babies whose mamas couldn’t for one reason or another.

What an amazing opportunity it was for me to witness so many births in such a short time, quite a contrast to my usual doula work in Canada. Dar A Luz is doing such wonderful work in Honduras.

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