Ongoing midwife collaboration, with birth pants!

Yarrucca, StudentsThis month we continued our ongoing project of collaborating with midwives in the remote mountainous regions. Many of these midwives are very old now, and no longer practicing midwifery. Often they never received any formal training, but they provide very intuitional and caring work.
They often received no training in how to deal with emergency situations such as postpartum hemorrhage or newborn resuscitation. Besides having meetings with these midwives, we are looking for new, younger people who wish to support their communities and learn midwivery. In one of the villages we are happy to have a group of four new midwife students.This time, amongst other things the students spent time practicing measuring vital signs. Two of our current experienced midwife volunteers attended the group as well, and together they discussed managing pregnancy complications such as breech birth and shoulder dystocia. One of our fantastic new tools has been “birth pants,” where our participants can simulate birth by wearing a modified pair of pants. A childbirth education class was also held with our students for ten pregnant women in the community. After the childbirth eduction class the students were able to practice doing prenatal checks for the women in the class, who all wanted to have the checks. We are so proud of how well our midwifery student group in the mountains is progressing!

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