Health Clinic near Olanchito, Honduras

IMG_20150529_110842584_HDROn Friday, Silvia, Katharina, and I drove out to a small health clinic near Olanchito. For about 2 hours we wound our way around the feet of the mountains, some covered in thick jungle and some stripped of trees. The town itself was in dry valley down a dusty road lined with some sort of Honduran cactus. The clinic, painted a calming green, sat on the outskirts of town, and as we pulled up beside the building, we were informed that a woman was laboring in the tiny delivery room right at that moment. The woman appreciated the doula support, which Katharina, our midwife from Germany, was able to provide. This clinic serves all the health needs of the community as well as having a delivery room and a maternity clinic. The clinic is only for low-risk pregnancies and sees just about eight births a month.

While the mother was laboring in the room next door, Silvia and I set up the projector and met the nurses who worked at the clinic. Women from the village began to meander in, maneuvering around each other’s pregnant bellies to fill the seats and benches. Silvia’s presentation focused on basics of labor and birth. It started with some essential anatomy with diagrams of what occurs inside a woman’s body during labor and birth. A lot of the women in Honduras lack basic education and some do not even know what the baby grows in or what the placenta is.

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