Childbirth Education

by Cassandra West

Fellow volunteer Zoe and myself have been running Dar a Luz birth education workshops for pregnant women in Santa Rosa. There were 30 women at the first workshop we did. In order to help break the ice and foster a warm atmosphere we started with a raffle where people won prizes of baby clothes. This went down well and caused many smiles. We then prayed together, something that deeply resonates with Honduran women here. It was really beautiful. The workshop felt really valuable and provided information that not all of these women were aware of. Some did not know what a placenta was, for example. Having such knowledge helps prevent shock and fear during labor! It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to running the workshop again next week. A wonderful consequence of this work, too, was that some of the women we ran workshops with also ended up being in hospital while we were there. We had already developed a relationship with them and this helped them during labour, fostering a more comforting atmosphere. Such beautiful work Dar a Luz supports here.

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