Rich Journeys

 by Cassandra West

pico-bonito-largeI arrived here in Honduras a week ago now and already am feeling rich and humbled from my experiences. Silvias warm and obvious passion instantly had me feeling welcome here and I have been very excited to begin getting involved. The plan for me is to start in La Ceiba, then to Santa Rosa and finally in the capital. As I am far from fluent in Spanish, Silvia has arranged for me to have excellent Spanish lessons at a very reasonable rate with a beautiful woman nearby. Other volunteers have also had this opportunity. This is helping me ground here. So too is walking and taking in the mountain clad landscape.

Most of my days so far have consisted of Spanish lessons and hospital visits. In the public hospital in La Ceiba I’ve been able to support laboring women in my Doula capacity. I was a little anxious about how things might be here, expecting that I might find it difficult not to be able to stretch far enough to be with all the women at the same time!

Cassandra WestIndeed, I can’t, but that is all the more reason to be here. It is so needed. There are great lessons, too, in trusting my intuition and sensing who most needs my support at any given time. After only a week I feel so happy to be here and to be able to reach out to women during a precious moment in their lives.

Providing emotional support is greatly needed here. The work of Dar a Luz is amazing and I can really feel that transformations are happening. Support, both physically and financially, is greatly needed to help the magic continue over here.

Presence is the key.

It’s a challenging environment to work in for many reasons. Silvia and the Dar a Luz volunteers seem to me angels in this place. I am grateful to be able to hold a woman’s hand as she moves through her pain, to offer massage and pressure point therapy, to introduce essential oils, eye contact, encouragement, warm socks and towels. Essentially, love.

This is just the beginning of my journey here and I know I have lots to learn and lots to offer. Thank-you Dar a Luz for providing such a gift to so many people.

Cassandra Rosa West  x

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