Krista’s First Month

by Krista Blakelock

Krista and Doña Dunias Dogs
Doula Krista and seven new puppies
Krista and Ashleigh
Doula Krista and Doula Ashleigh

I am surprised that it has already been one month since I arrived in La Ceiba, Honduras. The time has gone by so fast and I am excited to continue working for Dar A Luz in Santa Rosa de Copan.  For the month of June I will work in a public hospital, as well as in a hogar materno teaching child birth education and prenatal yoga.

Working in the public hospital of La Ceiba  at least five days a week for six or more hours each day, I was able to support more 50 women during their labour and see 36 babies come into the world. Some days were incredibly draining: emotionally, physically and mentally but every morning I woke up with the desire to return.

At first I was nervous because I couldn’t speak Spanish very well, and thought that without words I would not be able to connect with the women as I do in Canada. I learned very quickly that there is immense value to simply holding a hand, offering a hair elastic, bringing a clean hospital gown or saying over and over again “usted es muy fuerte.”

I have seen a lot very upsetting practices that I never imagined could happen in a hospital but, I have also been able to marvel at the strength and courage of all the women and girls who come into the labour room and persevere. It has been very rewarding to learn about Honduran culture, gender roles, social issues as well as sample different foods, watch people dance in the streets and learn spanish.






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