Gracias a Christine, Jennifer and Aaron!


Dar a Luz would like to extend a thank you to one of our recent volunteers, Christina Loeffler. Christina is our first doula from Germany and a mother of three.  Christina works a very demanding job, but still recognizes the importance of compassionate support for laboring mothers. Because of this passion, she was able to secure a month of vacation from her job and worked tirelessly in our hospital in La Ceiba, as well as traveling with other volunteers to hang curtains at the hospital in Tela.

Thank you for all your hard work Christina!

Another special thanks goes to Jennifer O’Conner and her husband Aaron.  Jennifer and Aaron helped Silvia for two weeks during the month of April while traveling throughout Central America.  Jennifer brought her skills as an experienced doula to help the mothers at the hospital in La Ceiba and Aaron joined us to help hang curtains in the hospital in Tela.  Jennifer and Aaron also held a small fundraiser via the internet while volunteering here and donated the proceeds, which helped purchase supplies for our project.

Many thanks to Jennifer and Aaron!

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