Thanks To Alifera Globetrotter!

by Ashleigh Menzies

This month Silvia collaborated with Alifera Globertrotter for the third time.  After spending their first week in a rural hospital in the mountains, an awesome group of 11 nurses joined us in La Ceiba. While in the Hospital Atlantida, Silvia gave a brief presentation about the advantages of placing the IVs of laboring mothers in their lower arm instead of in their wrist.  Having the IV in their wrist is very painful for many women and often the IVs don’t work properly in this position.  By placing the IV in their lower arm, the IVs function better, women are in less pain, and have more mobility during their labor. After Silvia discussed the theory, the members of Alifera Globertrotter worked alongside the nurses to practice the placement.


We are so appreciative to the members of Alifera Globertrotter for collaborating with Dar a Luz during their week in La Ceiba!To find out more about this great organization, click here

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