A huge THANK YOU to GynZone!

by Ashleigh Menzies

Dar a Luz would to extend a huge thank you to GynZone for their donation of educational materials to our organization!  GynZone is a company based in Denmark that produces learning modules regarding the diagnosis and repair of perineal lacerations after birth.  GynZone is lead by a team that includes gynecologists, a midwife, and a physiotherapist who have used their wealth of knowledge to create these materials.  We have started implementing lectures on the protection of the perineum, as there is a high occurrence of perineal lacerations in public hospitals, such as this case

The Sad Reality about Perineal Laceration of Fourth Degree

.  Thanks to the generosity of GynZone, we hope to be able to better educate the interns in the public hospitals about the correct way to repair these serious injuries.  To learn more about this http://www.gynzone.net/home .

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