Happy New Year!

Feliz Neuvo FelizNeuvo! FelizNeuvo2!by Rhonda Lee Grantham
What a joy it was to celebrate the New Year as a volunteer with Dar a Luz Honduras. My 14 year old daughter, Oceanna, bundled up tiny baby clothes with festive gold ribbon. As each new baby was born, hospital volunteers Nadine, Maria and I gifted the new mothers with their much-appreciated package. Each bundle contained donated items from oceans away- perhaps a pajama brought by a volunteer who traveled from Europe, or a baby blanket that was once wrapped around a baby in the United States. We all thank you for helping to gift some of the country’s poorest families with these needed baby items with your donations! We would especially like to thank Nancy Bettis for organizing donations of new baby outfits. With these and other donated items, we strive to offer these sweet gifts to struggling families all year long! By donating to Dar a Luz programs, you are not only helping to meet the needs of some of the country’s poorest families- but also, you are helping to offer gestures of pure joy to the families of Honduras! For ideas on helpful donations and other ways to support our programs, please visit our Wish List page.

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