Empower Miwifery

by Carmen Wiebe

In January 2014 Rhonda and Oceana, Nadine, Maria and Silvia and Julian were driven by Alberto on a very bumpy and narrow road, through a rising river to Yarruca, a village in the mountains near La Ceiba.  There, Rhonda led the workshop for the local midwives in the healthcare center.  Rhonda renewed the midwives’ knowledge of the birth process and taught about the anatomy of birth. She also demostrated how to feel the position of the baby using Leopold’s Maneuvers. This knowledge will help the midwives anticipate potential birth emergencies and allow them to take action to save lives. Essential information about delayed cord cutting, skin to skin contact and placing the baby on the mother’s belly directly after birth was an important part of this workshop.  The traditional midwives shared their knowledge of pregnancy massage, and the workshop honoured their time and experience.  Dar a Luz provided healthy snacks and lunch for everyone.

We are so happy to see that among the older midwives, 4 new young midwives have taken up the practice.  This is necessary to keep midwifery strong in the remote villages and to ensure the health of these communities. This also means that midwifery is becoming a more atrractive option for young women, a success for the efforts of Dar a Luz and Un Mundo, a partner organization in the mountains. Now Dar a Luz can work alongside the older midwives and with the new midwives to provide more intense training. The next workshop will be about listening to the baby’s heartbeat and using pregnancy calendars.  These communities is are in great need of pinards, fetoscopes and blood pressure cuffs, donations would be greatly appreciated.

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