Childbirth Education Workshop

 by Carmen Wiebe

In January 2014  again a childbirth education workshop has been conducted by Silvia at the healthcare center in La Ceiba.  Many expectant mothers attended, as well as two husbands, who were very welcomed. Most of the women who attended will give birth at Hospital Atlantida where Dar a Luz has volunteers  and works with the medical staff.

DSC04416This workshop has been developed by Silvia for the families of Honduras and so it is culturally relevant and can give the women an idea of what to expect in their local hospitals.  Some of the topics covered were: basic anatomy and the anatomy of birth, methods of managing pain through breathing, movement, and other comfort measures.  The possibility and reasoning for c-sections was also discussed.  Another aspect of this workshop was the importance of breastfeeding for both mother and baby.

The workshop was met with great response – the women and their families were engaged, appreciative, and enjoyed sharing their birth experiences with one another.

Nadine Hartl with two expectant mothers

At the end of these workshops there is a small gift for each family and a lottery is drawn for a larger prize.  Many of these gifts are made possible by generous donations.  Many thanks to everyone who has donated to Dar a Luz.

Volunteers Rhonda, Stephanie, Maria,  and Nadine assisted by creating a friendly atmosphere.  They helped hand out name tags, cloth pins, snacks and drinks provided by Dar a Luz.



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