Thermometers for the Hospital in La Ceiba

For the last couple of months the public hospital in La Ceiba has been running out of everything. Most of the time women in labor have to send their family members to buy needles, cloth, gauze, anesthesia,… everything. Especially after giving birth the women oftentimes have to keep waiting for up to half an hour if they are in need of stitches. During that time they can’t to leave the delivery chair.

The situation is very much the same in large parts of the hospital. There is nothing left to use and no new supplies are coming in. In some departments, they didn’t even have any simple quicksilver thermometers.

We are very happy that we have been able to provide some very modern ones to some parts of the hospital. We got a huge donation of thermometers from Germany, provided by nurse Tina Knieling who volunteered as a doula in the hospital last year.

They were brought here by nurse Lea Stampe who is currently volunteering in La Ceiba, after receiving some doula training for this hospital.

Thanks so much to Tina and Lea!

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