Expanding the Project

by Emma Dorsey

SAM_0607SAM_0611Recently Silvia has been to the public hospital in Roatán where, she did a workshop with staff to raise conscientiousness about mother-friendly birth practices, doulas, and relaxation techniques. The hospital staff has been very open-minded and welcoming. Many nurses requested that she hold a second workshop, in order to reach all of the hospital staff. She also has been able to hold a class together with Melani Trofimow for doctors and many nursing students on methods for avoiding an episiotomy for laboring women.

The classes were such a success that she will also be teaching a Roatan nurse the skills she needs to provide childbirth education to women in the community. This small charlas will be complimented by large, monthly meetings that can be accessed by many women. She also has delivered education materials to the hospital for women in labor. With such a warm welcome and a solid foundation, we will soon place a volunteer in the hospital in Roatán, which sees about four births per day.

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