Thanks to Melani!

Melani Trofimow
Melani Trofimow

Melani Trofimow arrived the mid of February. Melani is a midwife from Germany. In Germany midwives work in hospitals, in birth centers or assist childbirth at home. They also offer for example childbirth education, pre- and postnatal care, which is all covered by the German healthcare system.

She has spent 3 weeks in the hospital of La Ceiba, and will be working for a couple of days in the mother and child clinic nearby Copan, and also in the health care center of Siguatepeque. Melani also brought a lot of donations with her, as a baby model, a placenta model, a uterus model, a lot of baby cloth, blood pressure cuffs, stress balls and thermometers.

Melani is the director of the birth center in Marburg. She has 22 years experience as a midwife. Thank you so much for coming to Honduras and to support our work here! Thank you so much also for sharing your heart and for your wisdom!

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