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For the second time I went to Siguatepeque, this time with Melani Trofimow a midwife from Germany. The main healthcare center there sees about 5 births a day. We donated educational materials and a birth ball. Melanie assisted a birth, and demonstrated the doctor how to prevent episiotomy. Next week Melani will return to give a presentation and a training program on how to avoid episiotomy to the medical staff there.

Further we are looking forward to donate curtains to the labor unit, which will give the women in labor more privacy. In May I will return to this main healthcare center  to give a workshop to a big group of medical staff over the sensitivity of women during birth, and how one can respond to provide a birth friendlier environment. Also the workshop includes the practice of techniques to support women during labor.

In the beginning of January I got the permission of the chef gynecologist of the big public hospital of San Pedro Sula to start there with the Dar a Luz Project. This hospital sees about 45 birth a day. In the future we are looking forward to send volunteers to this hospital, and to start childbirth education in the teen-pregnancy clinic for woman under 18.

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