Visit from Canada

By Maria Louise Hansen

We are so happy to tell you that donations from Canada have arrived. Daniela Toman, nurse in Toronto has made a difference by bringing educational materials, blood pressure cuffs, a birth ball and even a projector, which is highly appreciated. It means a lot for the woman to get a simple anatomic birth explanation of what exactly is going on with their body during pregnancy and birth, and the pictures and figures helps them to understand. In addition the projector we received came in the right moment for our several different presentations we are planning to do. The projector was donated from Daniela herself.

Daniela went to the hospitals in Toronto asking for birth materials they don’t use anymore. It came to be a lot of things, which will be used by volunteers all around Honduras in hogares marternos, healthcare centers and hospitals.  A little help – big steps forward!


During the 4 days Daniela was here, we went to the local healthcare center each morning to give a small presentation on important information about birth, natural pain release and breastfeeding. After the presentation we would then go to the hospital to help the woman throughout their labor.

One of the days, Daniela and Silvia made a two-hour long presentation. For this presentation Daniela and Silvia went in more depth for the preparation of woman giving birth for the first time.

The head nurse of the healthcare center attended the presentation as well, and we hope that she will use the same information she learned for the women during their consultations. We had a lot of fun, using our bodies and discussed myths about pregnancy and birth.

Thank you Daniela for everything, we enjoyed the time we spent with you while you were here!

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