Most needed support for women during childbirth in Tegucigalpa

Roxane Rischard

The Hospital Escuela in Tegucigalpa sees about 55 birth a day. About 4 or 5 women labor together in small rooms. About 40% of the women giving birth in this hospital are under 18 years old, and generally don’t know nothing about birth, or their own body. Family members are not allowed. Women has to lay most of the time and give birth always on their back. Roxane Rischard from Luxemburg worked with us for five weeks , the last two weeks she worked in the Hospital Escuela, she gave most needed support to women during labor and birth, and also spent time with the c-section babies. Thanks Roxane for being a part of Dar la Luz Honduras, also thank you so much for all the donations you collected!



This is where women give birth… women next to women
Roxane carying about a “c-section baby”

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