Thanks to Alanah!

Above photo: Alanah after a workshop held by Silvia for student nurses in Hospital Atlantida.

Dar a Luz would like to thank Alanah Roy, Doula and Apprentice Midwife from New York City, for her work in Honduras. Alanah worked for three months serving Honduran women and supporting them throughout their labor. For the first month she was in a small clinic in Copan (with an average of 4 births a day) and spent the last two months in the busy Hospital Atlantida in La Ceiba (average of 18 births a day) dedicating her time through out the week and weekends while taking regular Spanish classes. In Hospital Atlantida, Alanah often used a birth ball (donated by Dar a Luz) with pregnant women, which introduced more of its benefits to hospital staff. This is a great development as women usually are not permitted to move around during labor.

Silvia would like to thank her for her dedication and all of the time and love that she devoted to the project.

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