Santa Barbara Trip

Earlier last week, we left La Ceiba at 4am to deliver 150 bedsheets to the hospital in Santa Barbara that had been donated from Hotel Palma Real to Dar a Luz for this purpose. After taking a bus to San Pedro Sula, we drove up to Santa Barbara with Barbara Escalante, who gave us the idea to write to Hotel Palma Real, and Amber Goldstein. Amber provided the transportation from San Pedro Sula to Santa Barbara and donated additional sheets which we will identify the best place for in the future.

50 sheets were given to Labor & Delivery; 50 sheets were given to Post-Partum and the remaining 50 are to be donated where the hospital assesses there is the greatest need (possibly either to pediatrics and/or surgery).

While in Santa Barbara Hospital, we provided visual educational materials for the health care center where most women do not receive birth and sexual education (even of basic female anatomy). Education materials were also provided for the hospital waiting room where women who have already started labor (but have not yet been admitted into Labor & delivery), can have more information about birth. Also we distributed some of the blankets donated by courtesy of the fine staff on the L&D and PP units of Mercy Gilbert Hospital in Arizona and Barbara Escalante to mothers in-need inside of the hospital.

The hospital has on average 15 births a day where woman are crowded into one, large room without the privacy of even curtains. Women have to stay in bed for the duration of the birth. We look forward to bringing more volunteers to this hospital after establishing a relationship with many of the hospital staff and administration.

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