Change happens

Hi Silvia,

I just wanted to write and tell you what a great day i had yesterday at the hospital! In the afternoon i was able to use the birth ball with a woman. She had been admitted at 4 cm and in 13 hours had not dialated at all so i wanted to get her up and moving. The doctor i spoke with was initially a little unsure about the ball but was willing to let me try since her labor was stalled and water intact. She went right up to 7 cm and got a lot of relief from it! So that felt really rewarding. I was in the hospital about 11 hours and 2 of the four births i attended baby was put right on the belly….


This is a part of  a wonderful email I got this morning from Alanah Roy, a current Dar a Luz volunteer doula in Hospital Atlántida.

In the most public hospitlas here birth is very restricted and women often are not allowed to leave the bed during the birthing process nor are babies in hospitals put on the women’s belly after birth. It takes a lot of sensitivity to create gentle chances to do so.  Alanah, thank you so much for being there and being a part of creating a change, and giving all this love to these women!


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