Special Thanks from Dar a Luz!

by Nouf Bazaz

Silvia would like to thank Jenni Steinke, who returned to volunteer with Dar a Luz for a second time. Jenni is a labor and delivery nurse from the United States with considerable experience working in a hospital that specialized in high-risk pregnancies. Jenni spent two and a half months with Dar a Luz supporting and sharing her love with birthing women in La Ceiba

Thank you to Donna Mitchell, a wonderful midwife from Alabama with years of experience. Donna spent three weeks over Christmas and New Years supporting birthing women in La Ceiba and Tela. Donna also led a workshop on post-partum hemorrhaging and resuscitation of newborns organized by Dar a Luz in the mountains of Honduras with local midwives. Dar a Luz was able to give birthing moms Christmas gifts of new baby clothes, which were donated by Donna’s community. Donna also donated models of a small pelvis showing the pelvic muscles as well as a model of a newborn with another pelvic model. The model of the newborn with the model of the pelvis have found their place at the maternity ward of the La Ceiba hospital to impove demonstrations for medical and nursing students. .

Thank to Aria Boutet, a writer and doula from New York City. Aria spent one month writing numerous articles for the website and the volunteer packet. Aria also spent her time supporting birthing women in the hospital in La Ceiba. Thanks for all your amazing work Aria!

Also thanks to  Catia Flachsman from Switzerland. For two months, Catia passionately dedicated time to supporting laboring women in hospitals in Tegucicalpa, Tela and La Ceiba. Thank you Catia!

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