Dar a Luz Received a Wonderful Donation from German Midwife Tara Franke

Thank you for all these wonderful Materials!
Thank you for all these wonderful Materials!

by Nouf Bazaz

Tara Franke ia s midwife that runs “Herztoene”, a training institute for medical professionals, offering varoius seminars in Germany. Tara is a long time supporter of Silvias work here in Honduras. We are very appreciative of all of the support that she has given us. Just recently, she sent a large donation of educational materials (including, posters, childbirth dolls) that will be used in hospitals, health care centers, universities and hogares maternos around Honduras. Thank you again Tara!

Note: In Germnay, midwifes are completely integrated within the healthcare sytem. In hospitals, midwifes are the primary professionals in charge of attending births and it is a very highly respected profession. It is only in a minority of births, that an OB-GYN will be called if neccessary. Midwifes also run birthing centers and attend homebirths if desired.

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