Baby clothes and educational materials donated to Labor Delivery Unit in La Ceiba

Midwife Donna Mitchell from Alabama. Mitchell volunteered at Christmas Eve.
Midwife Donna Mitchell from Alabama. Donna volunteered at Christmas Eve.

by Trina PaStarr

Midwife Donna Mitchell from Alabama collected a suitcase full of baby clothes from her community and carried it with her to Honduras where she has been volunteering for 3 weeks.   Combining these gifts with previous donations, Dar a Luz Honduras was able to give out Christmas gifts to laboring mothers in La Ceiba over the holidays.  Donna also donated an educational doll named Jose Miguel and an instructional pelvis named Natalie.  These will be used in the Labor and Delivery Unit in La Ceiba so the interns can better learn and understand the descent of the baby.  The growing educational department in the hospital will also borrow these materials during classes offered to the medical staff. Thanks to Donna!

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