Seminar with the Gynecology Chief Nurses of Hospital Escuela in Tegucigalpa

Together with Sila Blunier (Midwife from Switzerland), Catia Flachsmann (volunteering as a Doula), Leslie Sheppart (Nurse from Canada) and Amanda Rizik (Doula and Midwife form Puerto Rico) we did a seminar over relaxation techniques and gentle birth, with the chief nurses of the gynecology section of Hospital Escuela in Tegucigalpa. The nurses liked it a lot and we had a very good discussion afterwards. Sila Blunier, Catia Flachsmann and Leslie Sheppard are volunteering in the labor and delivery ward of Hospital Escuela, giving most needed support to the women. Amanda Rizik worked in San Ignacio, a village close to Tegucigalpa, with traditional midwives and the local health care center. Dar a Luz Honduras will start a training program for the midwives over there and a book project, which Amanda already started. Thanks to all this four volunteers to giving their time and love to the birth world of Honduras!

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