Help Build an Hogar Materno in La Ceiba

Dar a Luz is seekign grants, donations, and volunteers in order to realize a long-standing goal of creating an Hogar Materno in La Ceiba.  An Hogar Materno is a home where pregnant women from rural, under-served areas can come to await their labor.  Though La Ceiba is the third largest city in Honduras, and its public regional hospital serves many women from far away, they still have no place for women to stay.  As a result, expectant mothers without resources for a hotel sleep on the ground outside of the hospital, sometimes for weeks.  The Hogar Materno could be located in a space very near to the hospital, which has already been identified for this purpose.

The Hogar Materno is also an ideal space for educating and organizing mothers, imparting information that can prepare them for birth and life with a new child.  Specifically, childbirth education, classes in family planning and breastfeeding could empower women to take control over their fertility and encourage them to breastfeed.  The need for breastfeeding classes is great, as currently less than 30% of women breastfeed, and that rate is on the decline.  The Hogar Materno could also serve as an ideal location for imparting more general knowledge that women can bring back to their communities after delivery.

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