Again in the Hospital of Tela

and by Emma Dorsey

After bringing birth balls to Tela (courtesy of Mandy Harshberger), we had the thrill of attending the very first birth-ball birth in a hospital in Honduras. The first woman looked a little apprehensive, but was soon rocking her way into a more physiologically sound birth experience!  As a result, her dilation was incredibly rapid and peaceful, and even the delivery itself had an air of euphoria that is uncommon in hospital births down here. We like to think that the birth ball had something to do with it. Apparently, other women in the hospital thought so, too. As soon as the first birth went into the delivery room, other women went to sit on the birth ball, as well.

The next volunteer coming to Tela will be support the staff at the Tela hospital to familiarize more with the birth ball. With increased exposure and confidence in the birth ball experience, we are sure that Tela’s mother-friendly birth practices will be even more deeply ingrained in the system here. Slowly but surely, the Honduran approach to birth is changing

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