Thanks to Carmen!

Carmen Barcelona
Carmen Barcelona

by Emma Dorsey

What a stroke of luck that Carmen Barcelona showed up at my door (or more accurately, Doña Dunia’s door)!  More than luck, it feels like fate.  Within a few minutes of her arrival, we realized that we live hardly a 20 minutes train ride from one another.  Not only that, I found out that she works for The Brooklyn Young Mothers’ Collective, an organization I have admired for a long time!

I first became interested in doula work when I attended a panel at the Barnard Center for Research on Women.  The panel was about the role of doulas as feminists, and representatives from The Doula Project,, and The Brooklyn Young Mothers´ Collective were present.  I immediately knew that this was work that I wanted to do.  I eventually joined The Doula Project, and underwent their additional training not long before heading down south.  My time in Honduras has been extremely important to me both personally and professionally, and it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that a doula from BYMC appeared down here, too.  It seems like a little nod from the world that I’m on the right path.

Besides all of this fate silliness, it was a total joy to have Carmen stay in Doña Dunia’s house with me.  The three of us had some sassy lady time together, eating baleadas and chatting.  I was also so pleased to be able to chat about all things birth and Brooklyn, and to meet your mom on her way through La Ceiba.  Carmen– your stay was too short!  I hope we can reconnect in Brooklyn.

by Silvia …. Thanks from my side too, Carmen for spending in two days over 18 hours in the hospital, it was wonderful to have your presence there!!!!

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