Birth Balls for the Hospital in Tela and a Big Thanks to Mandy Harshberger!

Mandy Harshbarger

It was a honor to have Mandy Harshberger here from Clear Road Birth in Nebraska (  She is a mother to three kids and doula on her way to becoming a midwife. She also is a prenatal eductaor. Mandy had been planning her trip for a long time, and spent months waiting for her life circumstances to open up.  Finally, the right window appeared, and I am so thankful to her for coming.  She did an incredible job while here, and I am sure she was a true blessing for all the moms she helped.  Here are a couple excerpts from emails that Mandy wrote to me while here:

There were 4 births in 25 minutes of my getting there. It sounded like an echo…with doctors yelling, “parto’ parto’ parto” around the room. I had to laugh a little bit about that. It was comical. I know this is probably normal to you but it seemed so busy to me.

I was at the hospital from 1 to 11 o’ clock. There were lots of first-time mothers needing support and one young mom really won my heart. Her baby was persistent posterior, just like my own were, and I remembered how hard that was. She was very kind to me afterwards and asked the one young male intern to tell me I was her angel. It made my night. We worked hard together to make sure her little boy came out happily, but she did most of the work, right?

Mandy also brought a bunch of birth balls and pumps with her! After a workshop and presentation we did with the maternity ward in the Tela hospital, they are willing to use birth balls.  This would be a great improvement for women there.  Some of the balls that Mandy brought will be donated to the hospital in Tela.

Mandy, thank you so much for being here, for your incredible work in the hospital, and for the good ideas you left behind!!

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