In the labor and delivery station of the Hospital Escuela

Last week I spent my second time in the Hospital Escuela. This is the goverment runned Hospital in the capital of Honduras with up to 60 birth a day. 40% of the women, which come to give birth to this hospital are under 18. Until now there is no preparation for them for the moment of giving birth. In the End of April we will start with prenatal clases for this teenagers.

The idea is to start the prenatal clases together with the obsterician clinic for the pregant teenagers, and  so to start capacitate the local personal, so that they can run afterwards the program on their own.

Donacions for this project are very welcome. ( For example a baby doll for prenatal clases is much needed.)

Also I was able to post education and supporting material for women in labor, in the labor and delivery area of the hospital.

They are 6 labor rooms with up to 4 beds. And one room for preclamtic women with 8 beds.

In each of this room are now three nice posters, which can animate and help the women.

So  where before nothing has been,  … you can see the following.

Congratulations, soon your baby will be born!

You can!

You will be very brave!

Soon you are going to have your baby in your arms!

Breath deeply and slowly with your nose,

and breath out with your open mouth,

that can help you to pass the contraction more easily!

For ethical reasons I did not take more pictures, or any pictures where you can see women in labor.

But the doctors and the nurses had a lot of fun, while I was psoting the pictures, and some women in labor started smiling!

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